Cultural Peer Mentors throwing hats in the air

Cultural Peer Mentors (CPMs)

Bridging Cultures, Making Connections

The Cultural Peer Mentors (CPMs) are Cal undergraduates who provide guidance, resources, and support to international students in BISP. We are here to assist international students to make a successful cultural and academic transition at UC Berkeley.

The mission of the Cultural Peer Mentors is to bring together students from diverse backgrounds to foster cross-cultural exchange, understanding, and friendship for a more personalized and globally connected college experience.


How can I get a mentor?
How can I get a mentor?

You will automatically be assigned a mentor at the beginning of the semester. You can choose whether or not to attend the events, but you will always be invited!

Zero cost, 100% gain!
Zero cost, 100% gain!

It is absolutely free! Our Cultural Peer Mentors understand how international students can struggle to adjust to a new environment, so they volunteer time and energy to help you!

Mentor options
Mentor options

You can have a mentor and receive weekly update on events, or you do not have to have a mentor, but can still receive newsletter and get invited to all program-wide events from BISP.

Meet our CPMs

CPM Catherine

Cameron Johnson

Hi everyone! My name is Cameron and I'm a junior majoring in Geography with a minor in French. I'm from Los Angeles and some of my interests are thrifting, crochet, horror movies, hiking, watching musical theater, volleyball, and playing the trombone. I became a CPM ... Read more about Cameron Johnson
photo of CPM Catherine

Catherine Tong

Hello! I'm Catherine, a second-year student majoring in comparative literature with a focus on Chinese and English. I was born and raised in San Jose, CA and my go-to place for a tasty meal is Jubba, a local restaurant back home that serves delicious Somali ... Read more about Catherine Tong
Edison Guanuna

Edison Guanuna

Hey! My name is Edison and I'm a junior studying EECS and Business. I want to be a CPM because I love learning about new languages and cultures! I'm excited to help everyone assimilate to life here while keeping their home cultures shining for others ... Read more about Edison Guanuna
Ilan Naor

Ilan Naor

Hi everyone! My name is Ilan and I am currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. I was born and raised in Panama City, Panama, and moved away from my hometown for the first time last year to study at ... Read more about Ilan Naor
Katherine Mullin

Katherine Mullin

Hello everyone! My name is Katherine and I am a rising senior majoring in Media Studies with a concentration in Digital Studies. I love to read, cook, and bake new recipes! I became a CPM because I love to meet new people and learn about ... Read more about Katherine Mullin
CPM Kristie

Kristie Moore

Hello! My name is Kristie and I am a sophomore from Irvine, CA majoring in Global Studies. I enjoy learning foreign languages, listening to music, and spending time with my family and friends. I have grown so much through my interactions with diverse communities abroad ... Read more about Kristie Moore
CPM Leben

Leben Kawaguchi

Hello! I am Leben, a sophomore majoring in Chemical Biology. I grew up in the Bay Area so am excited to learn about other cultures while also in turn sharing some of the beautiful sights that I grew up with. I find intrinsic value in ... Read more about Leben Kawaguchi
CPM Lena

Lena Baghdadi

I'm a junior and a transfer student so this is my first year here! I recently switched my major to philosophy and I love to read, travel, thrift, and cook. I'm hoping to study abroad in Bordeaux next year and I'm excited to learn more ... Read more about Lena Baghdadi
Makenzie Parajon

Makenzie Parajon

Hello! My name is Makenzie and I am a junior majoring in Sociology with a minor in Native American Studies! I was born and raised in the Bay Area so if you are in need of any fun activity ideas I am your girl! Some ... Read more about Makenzie Parajon

Manish Jaganath

Hello y’all! My name is Manish, and I’m currently a junior at Cal double majoring in Economics and Data Science. I owe a debt of gratitude to the people who made adapting and settling in exponentially easier which I hope to repay through ... Read more about Manish Jaganath
CPM Ryan

Ryan Kuyo

Heyo, my name is Ryan and I am a first year studying Materials Science and Engineering. I wanted to become a CPM because I am eager to learn about different cultures and languages. I am from Southern California, love the outdoors, and cannot wait to ... Read more about Ryan Kuyo
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