UC Berkeley outdoor scene

The Great Outdoors

The weather is famously California’s best feature, and Berkeley, too, enjoys a mild climate year round. Fall in with the locals and walk, bike or take transit to class without the hassle of heavy winter wear or crushing summer humidity. Sunglasses optional.

Photo of a Berkeley student doing archery

Intramural Sports

Play your favorite sport on a competitive or recreational level. IM Sports connects you to your preferred level of play and like-minded teammates. Instant friends!

Photo of students putting on an outdoor dance performance on the UC Berkeley campus

Student Performances

Watch a performance, or be a part of one! Student performances are fun and accessible, and you can often see one for free on Sproul Plaza at noon.

Photo of students gathering for a UC Berkeley Free Speech Movement event at Sproul Hall

Student Voices

Berkeley is home of the Free Speech Movement, started by student activists in the 1960's. This legacy is alive and well today and students can often be seen making their voices heard on the steps of Sproul Hall.

Photo of UC Berkeley students working out at the Recreational Sports Facility

Get fit at the RSF

The Recreational Sports Facility, our very popular campus gym, has more than 100,000 square feet for individual exercise, group classes and courts for team sports. 

Run, row, swim or lift your way to fitness.

Photo of students at an event recruiting for various student organizations

Student Orgs

Involvement in student organizations and clubs has proven key to many BISP students' success and sense of belonging during their time at Berkeley. There are over 800, so you can find your niche.