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UC Berkeley – The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Hege Hansen reflects on her transformative semester at UC Berkeley, praising the university's prestigious reputation, dynamic surroundings, and the valuable perspectives exchanged between Norwegian and American students.

A taste of the ‘Berkeley Experience’

From attending journalism classes and workout sessions to exploring diverse libraries and participating in student-run programs, Yasmin's day highlights the enriching and transformative aspects of the 'Berkeley Experience.'

Expand Your Cultural and Social Perspectives on the World

Students emphasize the program's role in fostering diverse perspectives, providing access to world-class courses, and transforming mindsets, creating a unique, intellectually rich, and culturally diverse atmosphere at UC Berkeley.

Why do the Best Students Study Abroad?

Five students from various backgrounds highlight the program's perks, emphasizing exposure to engaging professors, a diverse student body, and the transformative 'Berkeley Experience,' encapsulating both academic and personal growth in an immersive international environment.