Photo of students relaxing at the BISP Destress Fest at UC Berkeley

Destress Fest

Don't forget to join us for the Destress Fest, the last BISP event of the semester and a wonderful way to relax before final exams week.

Photo of students making smores at the BISP BBQ at UC Berkeley


There's nothing more American than s'mores and BBQ! At the BISP BBQ in the spring, you get both and more - games in the park, fun with friends, and a chance to win raffle prizes.

Photo of a group of students at the BISP combination Halloween/ Thanksgiving event at UC Berkeley

Halloween/ Thanksgiving

An endearing combination of two US American holidays, our Fall event never fails to provide - food, fun, costumes and an unforgettable time!

Photo of cultural peer mentors

Virtual Student Success

Learn how to rock those classes from the experts themselves - current Cal students, your Cultural Peer Mentors!

Photo of a woman holding somebody's hand on a walk through a forest

Dating in the US

Everyone's favorite topic. Ask your questions about how to meet and make connections during your experience in Berkeley!

Photo of students walking around Sather Gate at the UC Berkeley campus

Making American Connections

Want to make US American friends but not quite sure how? Baffled or curious about US American customs and slang? This is the workshop for you!