BISP Special Focus: Global Economies and Entrepreneurship

BISP Special Focus Program Overview

The BISP Special Focus in Global Economies and Entrepreneurship is intended for students interested in international business, economics, entrepreneurship, innovation, international careers, and other related areas. 

In an increasingly interconnected world, it’s essential to be prepared to understand and participate in a global economy. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to gain firsthand experience, and the BISP Special Focus in Global Economies and Entrepreneurship offers students a comprehensive selection of interdisciplinary courses on a variety of global economic issues. While some courses may require a background in microeconomics and macroeconomics, it is possible to complete this certificate without any prior knowledge of economics.

Learning Goals

By pursuing this BISP Special Focus topic, you will gain:

  • UC Berkeley academic credit in a focused set of courses tailored to your interests in global economies and entrepreneurship.
  • Faculty guidance on a culminating certificate project in which you will synthesize learnings and insight gained in your coursework and research at UC Berkeley.
  • Research and analytical skills through approaching global economies and entrepreneurship from multiple perspectives.
  • Communication and presentation skills through your participation in the BISP Special Focus program and coursework.

Sample Courses  

  • Topics in Economic Research
  • Special Topics in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Economic History of Africa
  • The Power of Ideas: The History of Economic and Social Thought
  • Leadership and Social Change
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

For a more comprehensive list of pre-approved courses for the BISP Special Focus in Global Economies and Entrepreneurship see the longer list here