The inside of a UC Berkeley record store

Berkeley’s Diverse Neighborhoods

Off campus, grocery stores and restaurants cluster in the Berkeley’s various business districts: Telegraph, Downtown, North Side, College Ave, Solano Ave, and Fourth Street. 

Find delicious cuisine and local character no matter which neighborhood becomes your home away from home.

Tacos loaded with veggies, sour cream and guac

A Hot Melting Pot with a Mixed Salad on the Side

Whatever metaphor for America you prefer, the result is exceptional variety and flavor. Dine out or shop local grocers for Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Ethiopian and Soul Food. And there plenty of places serving up the old college standby of beer and pizza. Bon appetit! 

Photo of a pizzeria full of people

Campus Eats

A combination of more than 50 dining halls, restaurants, cafes, and convenience stores on campus mean a pick-me-up is never far away. 

Satisfy hunger with all-you-can-eat options at dining halls, or grab a coffee and snack between classes.