Photo of the 4.0 Hill at UC Berkeley that students roll down at the start of a semester

Roll Down 4.0 Hill

Cal students study hard but leave nothing to chance. Roll down the hill once at the start of the semester in hopes of earning a 4.0 GPA.

Photo of the Golden Bear statue on the UC Berkeley campus

Bear Territory

It is only fitting that the California state animal, the grizzly bear, represents the state’s first UC. The Golden Bears are so beloved they appear on campus as statues, wood carvings, paintings and even topiary. Can you find them all? 

Photo of a group of students at Big C, overlooking campus from the hills high above Berkeley

Hike to the Big C

Overlooking campus from the Berkeley hills, the Big C shines gold in the California sun. Walk from campus for a sunset and to see why San Francisco is known as the Golden Gate.